pvc aluminum laminated duct former

PVC aluminum laminated duct former

PVC aluminum laminated flexible duct former is an advanced machine based on bare aluminum laminated duct former .  With this machine, one could laminate a black protective PVC foil on the bare aluminum duct surface which offers better resistant to corrosion and improve the duct performance in most working condition.

Duct diameter 3" – 64" ?75mm-1600mm) Machine weight 300-800 kgs
Feeding speed 30m/min Power demand 220/380V,3Phase,50Hz
Duct thickness 0.009mm-0.05mm Foil thickness 0.009mm-0.05mm
Forming material PVC Reinforced Aluminum foil Foil width 25mm-150mm
Machine size 2.2m*0.6m*1.5m Flexibility Flexible


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