PET aluminum laminated duct former

PET aluminum laminated duct former

Reance PET aluminum laminated duct former adopts special designed moulds for processing aluminum foil and high tensile steel wire into flexible ducts .The duct produced with our machine is suitable for low and medium pressure heating and exhaust systems, as well as pressure air conditioning. The duct is with high tensile steel wire helix, which makes it very easy to be compressed to store and transportation .It also could be installed easily as the steel wire could offer good support of the duct structure.

Duct diameter 3" – 64" ?75mm-1600mm) Machine weight 300-800 kgs
Feeding speed 30m/min Power demand 220/380V,3Phase,50Hz
Duct thickness 0.009mm-0.05mm Foil thickness 0.009mm-0.05mm
Forming material PET reinforced Aluminum foil Foil width 25mm-150mm
Machine size 2.2m*0.6m*1.5m Flexibility Flexible

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